February Hopefuls

February is the month of love and typically I would have all romance reads on my hopefuls list but this year I just have a desire to read a mix of things. One of these days I will actually read all of the hopefuls on my list in the month I pick them. Some of these books I am listing have been on my hopefuls list several times or even back to back which is so sad! But I have high hopes for this month!

QOTD: What book are you excited to read this month?

January Hopefuls

I am wanting to start 2023 off strong with some great books so all my picks this month are books that are five star Predictions. I really hope they live up to the hype I have for them in my head.

Most of these books I have seen high ratings for or I have read a 5 star book by that author in the past. I really hope they live up to my expectations and that I can start this month off strong!

QOTD: What is a five star prediction for you?

December Hopefuls

I am back with a new post after a brief month long break. I am beyond excited to be back and I am ready to put out some new content for you all. I would like to start with my December Hopefuls. I am hoping to get a few more books done before the end of the year and these are all so high on my list!

Honestly, I will probably not be able to finish all of these but my fingers are crossed for a great reading month regardless!

October Hopefuls

October is spooky season and I have so many books that I really want to get to before this month is over. I plan on doing 12 hour read-a-thons over the weekends to help me knock out a few more books than I usually do each month. Hopefully I can tackle this big list of books!


Graphic Novels

QOTD: What do you hope to read this month?

September Hopefuls

August is going to be a hard month to follow. 5/6 of my books last month were top tier books! I hope to have a bit more time to read this month than usual because I am starting training at work and we have quite a bit of down time, so my fingers are crossed for another great month!

Currently Reading

I am Reading this with my Besties!

I will be reading this for a Buddy Read!


I am really starting to feel the spooky season coming up so I hope my reads will get me in the spirits!

August Hopefuls

If you have seen my July Wrap Up you will know that I only finished two books in July. I really hope to pull myself out of my reading slump and actually finish some good books this month. I am a part of a small book club with friends so I know I will at least be reading one book this month and I hope to finish two or three more after that.

Currently Reading

I am reading this book with my Book Club and I think I am going to really enjoy it!

This is my current read that I just started for this month and it is already so good!


Here’s to hoping August is a successful reading month!