April Hopefuls: Realmathon Edition

This TBR is very important! I need to actually stick to this as I am participating in Realmathon hosted by CoversWithCassidy on YouTube. If you haven’t heard of Realmathon I highly suggest checking out this introductory video on Cassidy’s YouTube. But put very simply, you pick what Realm you want to join and you read books that will either add points to your realm or take points away from one of the enemies realms. This is my first time participating in a big readathon like this and I am so stoked! I hope you join along and may the best realm win!

My Realm

I chose the Sanctum Realm. This is the Thriller, Horror, Mystery Realm. I am for sure fit for this realm as Thrillers are my comfort reads. I have mostly Thrillers on my TBR this month and I can’t wait to devour them!


I am excited to read these books and possibly others for this month long readathon. I hope to see some of you also participating and hey lets do a buddy read and hold each other accountable! Let me know if you join.