June TBR

This Months TBR is a bit different. I decided to start my own Youtube Channel so I pulled Prompts from a jar and found books to fit that prompt! I am so excited to finally have my own Youtube Channel. This was something I have been wanting to do for a very long time and I am so happy to get it off the ground! Thankfully Noah is going to be my video editor so that takes a lot of pressure off of my shoulders.

A Book With 5 or More Words In The Title

A Graphic Novel/Manga

A Borrowed Book

A Recent Purchase

A Book That Intimidates You

A Cookbook

I will Be Reading This for my Book Club Bai’s Reading Corner

I have been reading this for way too long I just need to finally finish it

I am one of the worlds worst TBR Reader. I am a Mood Reader by Heart so Picking and sticking to a TBR can be really hard. I am excited to see if using TBR Prompts will prove to be successful.

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May Hopefuls 2023

I am really hoping to read a good chunk of books this month. Last Month I mostly read only Graphic Novels so I would like to read at least 2 regular chunky books. I feel like I am going to lean more towards Spring Vibes for my books just because as a mood reader that sounds ideal to me.


Legendary has bene on every Hopefuls list since January…. I am technically almost done with it so I am really hoping I finish it this month.

April Hopefuls: Realmathon Edition

This TBR is very important! I need to actually stick to this as I am participating in Realmathon hosted by CoversWithCassidy on YouTube. If you haven’t heard of Realmathon I highly suggest checking out this introductory video on Cassidy’s YouTube. But put very simply, you pick what Realm you want to join and you read books that will either add points to your realm or take points away from one of the enemies realms. This is my first time participating in a big readathon like this and I am so stoked! I hope you join along and may the best realm win!

My Realm

I chose the Sanctum Realm. This is the Thriller, Horror, Mystery Realm. I am for sure fit for this realm as Thrillers are my comfort reads. I have mostly Thrillers on my TBR this month and I can’t wait to devour them!


I am excited to read these books and possibly others for this month long readathon. I hope to see some of you also participating and hey lets do a buddy read and hold each other accountable! Let me know if you join.

January Hopefuls

I am wanting to start 2023 off strong with some great books so all my picks this month are books that are five star Predictions. I really hope they live up to the hype I have for them in my head.

Most of these books I have seen high ratings for or I have read a 5 star book by that author in the past. I really hope they live up to my expectations and that I can start this month off strong!

QOTD: What is a five star prediction for you?

December Hopefuls

I am back with a new post after a brief month long break. I am beyond excited to be back and I am ready to put out some new content for you all. I would like to start with my December Hopefuls. I am hoping to get a few more books done before the end of the year and these are all so high on my list!

Honestly, I will probably not be able to finish all of these but my fingers are crossed for a great reading month regardless!

October Hopefuls

October is spooky season and I have so many books that I really want to get to before this month is over. I plan on doing 12 hour read-a-thons over the weekends to help me knock out a few more books than I usually do each month. Hopefully I can tackle this big list of books!


Graphic Novels

QOTD: What do you hope to read this month?