Book Review: “Lock Every Door” By Riley Sager

Look at me, giving Riley Sager a second chance after DNF’ing Final Girls. I only made it about 100 pages into Final Girls before I decided it wasn’t for me, the writing was just so boring! So giving him a second chance wasn’t really on my radar, but Lock Every Door was a book thatContinue reading “Book Review: “Lock Every Door” By Riley Sager”

Book Review: “The Silent Patient” By Alex Michaelides

This is the first book that I read in over a month…Yikes… how sad! However, I am so glad that my first book of March was this one. This book has been recommended to me several times over the past few years and honestly I am kicking myself over the fact that it took meContinue reading “Book Review: “The Silent Patient” By Alex Michaelides”

January Wrap Up

Is it just me or did January fly by?! But seriously though, I felt like I was running out of time to get anything read last month and I have some regrets. If I am 100% honest January was my month of cozy gaming, I restarted my Animal Crossing Island, Played Coral Island and StardewContinue reading “January Wrap Up”

Book Review: “Legends and Lattes” By Travis Baldree

As someone who is not a fantasy reader I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I had seen only good reviews for this book and also heard that it was a cozy low stakes read which sounded right up my alley and they were not wrong! If you are looking for a cute, cozy readContinue reading “Book Review: “Legends and Lattes” By Travis Baldree”

Book Review: “Babel” By R.F. Kuang

2023 is starting off a lot slower than I would have hoped. This will be only the second book I have read so far and January is practically over! I have two other books that I am currently reading and I really hope to finish them over the next few days, my fingers are crossed.Continue reading “Book Review: “Babel” By R.F. Kuang”