Top 5 Tuesday: 5 Books That Scare Me

This weeks top 5 Tuesday is all about 5 books that scare me. I haven’t read any books that really scare me so I am going to take this as 5 books that I think will scare me. Honestly I feel like they are all going to be Stephen King because he is the kingContinue reading “Top 5 Tuesday: 5 Books That Scare Me”

One Year Bookstaversary!

One whole year on Bookstagram is a dream come true! I never stick with something for too long without getting bored or starting a new project but I can officially say I’ve done it! I heard somewhere that if you do something for a whole year you know that you will stick with it fromContinue reading “One Year Bookstaversary!”

Bookstaversary Giveaway!

My bookstaversary is tomorrow, October 8th! Gosh I can’t believe I have been on my reading journey for a full year! When I was growing up I absolutely HATED reading and now I have over 2,000 followers on my bookstagram and over 50 followers here on my new blog! I have had such an amazingContinue reading “Bookstaversary Giveaway!”

October Spooky TBR

October is finally here! Fall is upon us along with pumpkin spice, black cats and haunted houses! I love the month of October so much! I love doing all the spooky activities, in fact I worked for a haunted house for a season and that was probably one of my favorite short lived jobs IContinue reading “October Spooky TBR”

September Wrap Up

Hello fellow book lovers, friends and family! Can you believe that September is already over? I can’t! There is no way tomorrow is already October, But I am so excited for spooky season! Fall is definitely my favorite season, mostly for the beautiful leaves, cooler weather and of course Halloween! This month I gave myContinue reading “September Wrap Up”