Book Review: “Book Lovers” By Emily Henry

Emily Henry is probably my second favorite author after Casey McQuiston and it just so happened that they each released their third books on the exact same day, May 3rd. Like most books I read, I don’t really read the back of the books, I typically go in blind only knowing the main genres andContinue reading “Book Review: “Book Lovers” By Emily Henry”

Book Review: “I Kissed Shara Wheeler” By Casey McQuiston

Casey McQuiston is my all time favorite author! They wrote “Red, White and Royal Blue” Which I read pretty early on in my reading journey and probably the first romance read I had ever picked up and immediately I was hooked on their writing! When “One Last Stop” came out last year I knew IContinue reading “Book Review: “I Kissed Shara Wheeler” By Casey McQuiston”

April Wrap Up

In April I read a total of seven books and I was seriously surprised! However, two were graphic novels I finished in like an hour and another was an 80 paged short story, I guess all those combined might equal one total book but I am still counting them individually. I had an amazing readingContinue reading “April Wrap Up”

Five Finger Book Challenge

 Five Finger Book Challenge  I have been seeing this all over Bookstagram for months! Anyways, I took this picture awhile ago and I was scrolling through my photos and decoded now is a great time to post this. Pinky: (A book I promise to read)“The Priory of the Orange Tree” this book has been onContinue reading “Five Finger Book Challenge”

Book Review: “Talking As Fast As I Can” By Lauren Graham

I am a long time fan of the TV show “Gilmore Girls”. This is actually one of me and my boyfriends favorite shows! I love all the characters and I feel like it is a show you can just sit back and just laugh and forget about your day to. I am not someone whoContinue reading “Book Review: “Talking As Fast As I Can” By Lauren Graham”