Book Review: “The Maid” By Nita Prose

I went into this book pretty much blind, meaning I did not read the synopsis I just saw it was labeled as a debut mystery book on Book of the Month Club and decided ehh why not. I liked the simplicity of the cover and that it was less than 300 pages which meant itContinue reading “Book Review: “The Maid” By Nita Prose”

Valentine’s Buddy Read with Bai.books (AKA Me)

Love is in the air! I have decided for the month of February and maybe the months to follow I would like to host a buddy read! This month is based on romance reads due to the Valentine’s day Holiday. I was originally only going to pick one book for this because hosting two chatsContinue reading “Valentine’s Buddy Read with Bai.books (AKA Me)”

Book Review: “Crescent City” By Sarah J. Maas

This book left me speechless! This is my first official deep dive into a fantasy world beside Harry Potter, However I feel like the wonderful world of Harry Potter is very simple to catch onto. This book had some major world building to follow along with and being my first big dive into fantasy itContinue reading “Book Review: “Crescent City” By Sarah J. Maas”

Book Review: “Malibu Rising” by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Five days into January and I have officially finished my first read of the year! I chose this book because of my Reading Challenge for January. The reading prompt for this month was “A GoodReads 2021 Good Choice Award book”. I was really excited to read “Malibu Rising” because of all of the amazing reviewsContinue reading “Book Review: “Malibu Rising” by Taylor Jenkins Reid”

2021 Book Superlatives

It is finally that time of year where we have read an impressive amount of books and now we need to rank them. I know I had a handful of books that drove me nuts and then I also had a decent sized stack that I really enjoyed. Now is the time to reveal allContinue reading “2021 Book Superlatives”

December Wrap Up and Mini Review

December was a pretty good month for me reading wise. I finished four books and I actually enjoyed them all! I feel like each month I typically have an outlier with a low rating but this month I actually had all above 4 stars! I also finished my reading goal for this year which IContinue reading “December Wrap Up and Mini Review”