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2021 Book Superlatives

It is finally that time of year where we have read an impressive amount of books and now we need to rank them. I know I had a handful of books that drove me nuts and then I also…

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December Wrap Up and Mini Review

December was a pretty good month for me reading wise. I finished four books and I actually enjoyed them all! I feel like each month I typically have an outlier with a low rating but this month I actually…

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My 2022 Monthly Reading Challenge

For 2021 I didn’t have a reading challenge that I followed along with, I only had a reading goal for 35 books. I have seen a lot of challenges out there that have so many prompts! With my reading…

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Book Review: “Crave” By Tracy Wolff

Let me start off by saying I am typically not a huge fantasy reader, let alone a book about vampire’s. I really have no desire to read Twilight and honestly that could be because I have already seen the…

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November Wrap up

This month I actually feel pretty good about what I read! I have done so poorly the past few months and have dropped off the face of the Erath I feel. I love that I have actually read a…

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