Hello! Welcome to my book blog. I am a reader who wants to share my love for books with everyone else! What better way to share that love than to create a blog? This blog was created on a whim and has since become my greatest accomplishment.

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February Hopefuls

February is the month of love and typically I would have all romance reads on my hopefuls list but this year I just have a desire to read a mix of things. One of these days I will actually…

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January Wrap Up

Is it just me or did January fly by?! But seriously though, I felt like I was running out of time to get anything read last month and I have some regrets. If I am 100% honest January was…

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Book Review: “Babel” By R.F. Kuang

2023 is starting off a lot slower than I would have hoped. This will be only the second book I have read so far and January is practically over! I have two other books that I am currently reading…

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January Hopefuls

I am wanting to start 2023 off strong with some great books so all my picks this month are books that are five star Predictions. I really hope they live up to the hype I have for them in…

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2022 Book Superlatives

Wow! 2022 was such a great year for reading for me! I read 62 books and found a few of my all time favorite books. I even started to DNF books that didn’t bring me joy which was a…

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December Wrap Up

Wow, this month was extremely busy! You forget how many obligations the holiday season comes with. I had several books I wanted to get to before the end of the year that I wasn’t able to get too but…

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