July Wrap Up

July was a really slow reading month for me. I only read two books last month and I fully blame that on the worst reading slump I have yet to run into. I told Noah I felt a slump coming on only two weeks into July and he just laughed and said “I think you are always in a slump.” I guess he is not wrong haha.

Lets discuss these books in more detail.

“Truly Devious” By Maureen Johnson

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Stevie is a teenager obsessed with the Ellingham murders that took place in the 1930’s. She somehow got the chance to attend Ellingham Academy for her Junior year of high school and now she hopes she can crack the unsolved murder case. What she wasn’t expecting was for one of her own classmates to be murdered right under her nose. Will Stevie be able to solve the mysterious murders or will she herself be taken as a victim?

I started this book on July first and finished on July second, that is how good this book was! I am excited to continue the series.

I picked this for my first book club pick for my close friends and we all had pretty mixed reviews, from a DNF all the way to five stars with everything in between. It made for a really interesting conversation and I personally can’t wait to read more books with my group.

“Daisy Jones and The Six” By Taylor Jenkins Reid

Rating: 3 out of 5.

At a young age Daisy started to find a love for the reckless life of a rock and roll star. Hanging around bands and being exposed to sex, drugs, and booze; she thought this was the life she was meant to live. Her time spent amongst these bands lead her to finding her voice in both singing and writing, she knew she was meant for big things but what she didn’t know is that she couldn’t get there alone.

Pretty soon after, a producer for a big band, The Six, Heard her singing in a bar and he knew that she was the voice that could make The Six reach the top of the charts. The hard part was convincing the bad to let her join. Will Daisy catch her big break or watch her life come crashing down from her addictions?

I read this as a buddy read with one of my new friends and honestly neither of us really enjoyed it. We both felt the interview style was an interesting way to tell a story but that it made it so we lacked a connection with the characters that builds in a regular writing style. I do believe that if I listened to this on audio that I would have enjoyed it more. I also think this book put me into my reading slump.

Favorite Quotes

“All I will say is that you show up for your friends on their hardest days. And you hold their hand through the roughest parts. Life is about who is holding your hand and, I think, whose hand you commit to holding.”

Direct Quote From “Daisy Jones and The Six”

“Where her books were, she was. Get the books right and the rest will follow. Now she could address the rest of the room.”

Direct Quote from “Truly Devious”

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