Book Review: “Disney After Dark” The Kingdom Keepers Series By: Ridley Pearson

This is a series that I started back in my freshman year of high school and actually never finished. I decided that I wanted to finally re read and complete this series! I sat down and read the first book in a day, which is super fast for me despite it being a book for younger kids haha.

About The Book

Author: Ridley Pearson

Publisher: Disney Press 

Published Date: August 29th 2005

Page Count: 326

Main Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult and Fiction

GoodReads Rating: 3.91


When five kids get the opportunity of a life time to be hologram guides in Disney World they find out quickly that this was more than what they bargained for.

When they go to sleep at night they wake up in main street Disney World and they see some strange characters moving around after hours. It turns out this isn’t just a dream. Wayne, an old guy who used to know Walt Disney, tells the kids that the park is in danger and they are the only ones who can save it.

These young kids are faced with the challenge of finding The Stone Cutters Quill all while fighting Disney Villains with every twist and turn. Can these kids save the fate of Disney World or will the Villains run amok for the rest of time?


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Growing up I hated reading. Like if you put a book in front of me I would just laugh. One thing that I did really love was the Disney parks. Put the two together and you have found my favorite series growing up. Pretty much the only books I read before I started my Bookstagram. I realize how sad that sounds but it brought me happiness.

This book was a nice lite refresher to all the long books I have been reading lately. I finished it in one day and my brain was very thankful for the quick read.

Reading the first book for the second time was actually a lot of fun. I think I caught onto a few things I missed my first time around. Even though there were some plot holes I still gave this five stars just because of the nostalgia and happiness reading this book brought back to me.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a quick Disney read and to get an immersive deep dive into some of our favorite attractions.

QOTD: What is your favorite Disney Villain?

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