My Favorite Couples: Valentine’s Edition

It is Love day and so what better day to post about my favorite literary couples! I have quite a few couples who have stuck with me this past year and a half of reading and I think they all deserve some recognition. Some of my favorites might even be your favorites or maybe you despise them! Lets see how much we have in common.

None of this is my art! If I know who created the fanart I will try to post their name to give them credit but I am using google. I appreciate all the wonderful fanart that is out there and I truly appreciate their talents! If you know where some of the art came from please let me know so I can mention them.

Top 5 Couples

August and Jane

August and Jane are from my all time favorite romance read “One Last Stop” by Casey McQuiston.

I immediately fell in love with their chemistry and think that they deserve the world! They were cute, quirky and just all around loveable characters.

Also I am in love with all the fanart from this book! Every piece I have seen has embodied the characters so well.

August is my go too girl, me and her would be besties in the real world!

The big graphic above comes from Art.Gent on Tumblr and I was unable to pin point where the rest came from.

Olive and Adam

I really loved the idea of a professor and student being together, yeah it is morally wrong but that might be a secret fantasy of mine.

I thought their relationship started off really awkward and rocky but I loved their romantic tension! It really got me rooting for them in the end.

I will admit that the fan art was what really made me fall in love with them, look how cute!

Not sure where this one came from but it was one of my favorites!
Adra Art on twitter
The big picture above is from Bela:Koa on twitter and this one is from Lia on twitter

Hunt and Bryce

These two are from my most favorite fantasy book Crescent City! These two drove me wild! I loved their relationship with all my heart that at times it hurt. I knew from the moment Hunt entered the scene that they would make one bad A** couple!

I really hope good things come for them in the rest of the series.

Unable to find the artist of the main big picture and this one
I believe this one is from Alexandra Curte
This picture is painted by Anabel.Kay on twitter

Alex and Henry

These two were the first couple I ever really fell in love with so they will always have a place in my heart.

I am a sucker for enemies to lovers and these were my originals! Despite all odds they made their relationship work. They had a pretty steamy romance too! Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston is a must read!

This is by Art. Gent
Not sure who this one is by or the main picture either.
this is by grayskyluna-art 

Poppy and Alex

This was a trope that really pulled me in. Friends who drifted apart but find love. Ugh so cute! I just think this relationship could be so relatable to a lot of people that rooting for them just became easy.

Not a lot of fanart for this story out there but I love this piece by RedBubble.

QOTD: Who is the couple you love to ship?

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