Five Finger Book Challenge

 Five Finger Book Challenge 

I have been seeing this all over Bookstagram for months! Anyways, I took this picture awhile ago and I was scrolling through my photos and decoded now is a great time to post this.

Pinky: (A book I promise to read)
“The Priory of the Orange Tree” this book has been on my shelf for months and I look at it longingly but then I pick it up and before I can even read it the size of this book makes me put it back on the shelf. I promise I will read you one day…but that day is not today!

Ring Finger: (A Book Boyfriend/Girlfriend)
“The Love Hypothesis” I really love Olive and Adams relationship and I just think from all the book boyfriends I have read about I think I like him the most.

Middle Finger: (A book I hate)
“Anxious People” ugh I hated this book! So boring! I have it one star… I have no clue why its still on my shelf 

Index Finger: (A book I recommend)
“One Last Stop” I recommend this book to anyone and everyone who will listen! One if my most favorite books ever! If you haven’t read it read it now!

Thumb: (A book I like)
“It Ends With Us” I love this book so much I git a tattoo for it! I really related to this book and so if will hold a place in my heart forever!

QOTD: Have you read any of these books? Do you agree with any of my picks?