Book Review: “The Ex Talk” By Rachel Lynn Solomon

I read this book as a buddy read with one of my friends on Instagram “TheInstaBookWorm“. This was to help me get out of a three week reading slump and we both decided a fun light hearted romance read would do the trick. We also really loved “Weather Girl” by the same author so we felt this would be the perfect book! Lets get into it!

“So often, I’m trapped between the pain of remembering and the fear of forgetting.”

Direct quote from book

About The Book

Author: Rachel Lynn Solomon

Publisher: Berkley

Date Published: January 26th 2021

Page Count: 336

Main Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction

GoodReads Rating: 3.78

“But maybe that’s what we all are—halfway-broken people searching for things that will smooth our jagged edges.”

Direct quote from book


Shay was raised to be a radio host, her dad said she always had a face for radio. After college she got a job as a producer at the local radio station in hopes to one day get to host her own show. However, she was always afraid her voice wasn’t something people would want to listen too.

After ten years a new hotshot journalist winds up finding himself on the air telling a political story only after a few months of being in the station. Animosity grows between the two over time. But when the station is at risk of going under they fight to keep their jobs by offering to host a hit new show called “The Ex Talk”. They are suddenly forced to work hand in hand as co hosts who supposedly used to date and now are somehow qualified to give out relationship advice. Can they keep the peace and make their listeners believe they had previously dated or will all the charades come crumbling apart?

“Sometimes I feel like I’m playing at being an adult, like I’m constantly looking around, waiting for a real adult to tell me what to do if my garbage disposal starts making a weird sound or if I should be putting more money in my Roth IRA. I am just…I feel like a complete mess.”

Direct quote from book


Rating: 2 out of 5.

“The thing about losing someone is that it doesn’t happen just once. It happens every time you do something great you wish they could see, every time you’re stuck and you need advice. Every time you fail. It erodes your sense of normal, and what grows back is decidedly not normal, and yet you still have to figure out how to trudge forward.”

Direct quote from book


Alright, Listen up. I really wanted to love this book. I though the idea of a podcast where ex lovers talk about their relationship sounded so amazing! I was ready to dive in and devour this book in one sitting. But honestly it started off slow and ended slow.

I am slowly realizing that enemy to lovers is just not my trope. I find it very exhausting. How do you go from hating each other one second and having sex the next and then having all these wonderful butterfly feelings just to hate him again the next page. It is just a rollercoaster I wanted off of!

So you might be wondering, “If you hated it so much why not just DNF the book?” Look, I thought about it but I always say read it till the halfway mark and then you can make that decision. I still wasn’t happy with the book halfway through but I was halfway through, I might as well finish it. It is kind of a silly thing to do but hey now I can add it towards my reading goal.

Something that I liked and could relate to was all the talk about grief and how it can really stick with you when someone passes. I feel like it is something you never recover from fully. The book really talked about grief in a way that was relatable and heartfelt which I appreciated.

I am still looking for a book that can get me out of my reading slump so please send them my way! I really need a good recommendation!

“Every time I imagined adulthood, it looked different from this reality.”

Direct quote from book

QOTD: Do you like the enemy to lover trope? What is your most hated trope?


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