Book Review: “The Maid” By Nita Prose

I went into this book pretty much blind, meaning I did not read the synopsis I just saw it was labeled as a debut mystery book on Book of the Month Club and decided ehh why not. I liked the simplicity of the cover and that it was less than 300 pages which meant it would be a pretty quick read. Lets see what my thoughts were on this book.

“I am your maid. I know so much about you. But when it comes down to it: what is it that you know about me.”

Direct Quote from book

About The Book

Author: Nita Prose

Date Published: January 4th, 2022

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Page Count: 285

Main Genres: Mystery, Fiction, Thriller

GoodReads Rating: 4.05

“I don’t cut corners, I shine them. No fingerprint left to erase, no smear left to clear.”

Direct quote from book


Molly works as a maid at The Regency Grand Hotel. What she lacks in social skills she makes up for with her superior cleaning skills. Molly finds happiness in knowing that she can come into a destroyed room and to leave it as if it had never been touched.

Her simple maid life takes a quick turn downhill when she finds a V.I.P guest dead in their hotel room and she quickly finds out that she is the number one suspect! With very little social skills and hardly any friends she has to figure out how to clear her name.

“Hello, I’m Molly, the Maid. You don’t see me, I’m invisible but I see you and all you leave behind.”

Direct quote from book


Rating: 3 out of 5.

“It’s what’s between the lines, not on them.”

Direct quote from book


This book started off pretty slow for me. I was on page 75 when I contemplated not finishing the book. However, there was less than 300 pages in the book and it felt like a waste to be almost half way done with the book and to quit so I trekked on! To be honest I felt like the ending was worth the read.

I really struggled with the writing in this book for the first half, the story was slow, the conversation boring and I had nothing that pulled me in. The book really started moving about half way through and you will be forced to finish in one sitting!

Like I said before I have seen this book all over bookstagram with a lot of 5 star reviews so I am in the minority here with this unpopular opinion. I typically love mysteries and it isn’t that this book wasn’t good it is just that it wasn’t memorable!

What I did really like about this book is that Molly really grows on you towards the end. I thought her character was really well rounded and put together. I also liked the relationships that grow throughout the book. Well written characters made this book for me.

I think if you like the synopsis for this book then give it a try! But if you are on the fence maybe skip it.

QOTD: What is your favorite mystery novel?

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