My 2022 Monthly Reading Challenge

For 2021 I didn’t have a reading challenge that I followed along with, I only had a reading goal for 35 books. I have seen a lot of challenges out there that have so many prompts! With my reading style I know I can’t do a challenge that has a billion prompts so I decided to create my own reading challenge with a single monthly prompt.

This reading challenge is for anyone who gets overwhelmed with big challenges or are even mood readers. You will only have one prompt to fulfill a month and each prompt is fairly broad so you can really pick anything that suits your mood. I am a huge mood reader and I always find it so hard to stick with complicated or more detailed yearly reading challenges. If you fit into any of these categories I hope you will give these reading prompts a try.

World Of Bai’s 2022 Reading Challenge Prompts

January: A GoodReads 2021 Good Choice Award book.

February: A book about True Crime.

March: Don’t judge a book by its cover.

April: An Indie book.

May: A self-help or memoir book.

June: A book that intimidates you.

July: Book title that starts with the first letter of your name.

August: A book title that has the word “Game” in it.

September: A book written from the villains prospective.

October: A book about witches.

November: A book that includes a map.

December: A Holiday book with an LGBTQ lead character.

Here’s to 2022

I am so excited for 2022, I think this is my year to really bring this blog to life and grow my reading portfolio. I have set my reading goal for next year to 45 books which is 5 more than this year. I know that isn’t a huge difference but I don’t want to over sell myself when I barely met my goal this year. I am a fairly slow reader and I am okay with that!

If you do end up using my reading challenge for next year use #WorldOfBai2022 .

QOTD: What reading challenge will you be using this year?

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