Book Review: “The Collective” By Alison Gaylin

This book was a November Book of the Month pick that I initially skipped over. This was a mistake! Once people received this book reviews were coming out so fast that I couldn’t keep up and each of them were raving about how amazing this book was. So naturally I added it to my December box and sure enough finished it within the week.

“They need to be punished to feel guilt, and then they’re never punished, so they never do.”

Direct quote from book, page 139.

About The Book

Author: Alison Gaylin

Publisher: William Morrow

Publish Date: November 2nd, 2021

Main Genres: Thriller, Fiction, Mystery

Page count: 352 Pages

GoodReads Rating: 4.07

“Nothing’s guaranteed- Not future plans or justice or love or goodwill or the integrity of groups to whom you swear your allegiance. Not the good guys winning or the truth prevailing and certainty not life, the least guaranteed thing of all.

Direct quote from book, page 266.


Five years after her daughters death Camille is still struggling through her grief. The one thing that keeps her going is knowing that her daughters killer is still living a happy and normal life and that her daughter needs justice.

After a drunken misstep at a college awards ceremony for her daughters alleged killer a video surfaces on the internet and brings light back to her daughters case but bad publicity isn’t ideal.

When a strange lady hands her a card with one word “Niobe” listed on it, she goes down a rabbit hole that leads her in the end to the dark web. She finds a community full of grieving mothers looking for justice for their children but when fueled hatred meets a sisterhood, words become action.

Walking a thin line of justice and criminality, Camille’s forced to face the truth of how far is too far?


Rating: 5 out of 5.


* Possible Spoilers *

I am a huge sucker for thrillers and mysteries, throw in a twist that I didn’t see coming and you have a fantastic read!

I had high hopes for this book and honestly the first half of the book I was a bit skeptical because this felt so morally wrong but you can understand where these woman are coming from. I found myself very upset with the tasks the main character was sent to do and I would end up screaming at her to stop because it is just wrong! But then you hear her talk about all the horrible things these people have done and then you think “Yeah, He should die.” Ugh, I was torn!

Towards the end of the book the main character becomes aware that what they are doing is probably not the best thing to be participating in which was probably my favorite moment in the book. However, (Major Spoiler, don’t read this if you don’t want to know…..) the ending of the book was so good! I love a depressing ending where the main character doesn’t get the fairytale ending they wanted. These endings are so rare but that is what makes them feel like a breath of fresh air. Does this make me a monster?

This book is in the running for the best book of the year? Can this beat out two romance novels? I guess you will have to wait and see my final rankings for the year.

QOTD: What book had the best twist?

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