Book Review “The Shining” By Stephen King

It is basically the end of October and I am finally posting a book review for this month. This will be my first and probably only book review coming this month unfortunately. This month was so busy that I had no time to read at all! In fact I actually only read half this book before I had to buy the audio book so I could get this finished. I am just happy I finally found some time to sit down and do the thing I love, which is writing this blog!

About The Book

Author: Stephen King

Publish Date: January 28th, 1977

Publisher: Anchor Books (Random House Division)

Page Count: 659 pages

Genre: Horror

Goodreads Rating: 4.24

“It seemed that he might be able to find peace here. At last. If they would only let him.”

Page 398


A new job for Jack Torrence leads the family of three to a picturesque hotel high up in the Colorado Mountains. As the family arrives, the hotel is slowly emptying of guests and workers due to the closing of the hotel for the snowy season. Jack and his family will be left alone for several months in the empty hotel. This can give Jack much needed time to work on his play and make plans for his family’s future, but as the days pass the seclusion sets in and things aren’t what they might seem. How can something that seems like an amazing working vacation turn so wrong? What power do our minds really have?

“Now you’ll find out who is the boss around here. You’ll see. It’s not you they want. It’s me. Me. Me!”

Page 629


Rating: 3 out of 5.


This is my second Stephen King book, the first one being “Pet Semetary”, and I have given them both three stars. I Had heard mixed reviews about this book, like you do with every other book, and this just didn’t fully live up to my standards. This had a very slow build so it took me forever to read because I didn’t have a desire to pick the book up. Like I said at the top of this blog, I had to buy the audio to finish this book.

Speaking of the audio book, the audio was done very well! I really enjoyed listening to this book and I felt it was even spookier listening to it.

The story building was really good just kind of long and boring at times. This was a very long book and it doesn’t start to pick up till about 300 pages in which is what lost me. However, this book is the scariest book I have read/listened too and I can appreciate that.

I have seen the movie and I did really enjoy it but to be honest I was so confused while watching it. The book and the movie have a lot of differences so I don’t know that it is very fair to compare the two but reading the book helped me make sense of what was actually happening in the movie which is very nice!

Do I recommend this book? Honestly, no, you can skip this one and be ok. Like I said it is very long and can get boring more often than not. If you are someone who likes very long detailed books then sure, why not? Personally I don’t think you are missing too much, but hey, Now I can say I have read the book!

The art work shown in the above picture was created by a local Utah artist whom me and Noah loved seeing at our art show and farmers market this summer! Follow her here at her Instagram.

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