Book Stack For A Cause: Save The Bees

I have seen some book stacks for a cause on Instagram and I have never participated until I saw one for Honey Bees. I think Honey Bees are extremely important to our world and human survival!

A book stack for a cause is basically exactly how it sounds, you post a picture of a book stack with certain colors pertaining to your specific cause to raise awareness. Some people will put money towards these posts saying for every book stack for a cause that uses this certain hashtag I will give a certain amount of money.

Bee Information

While looking into this cause to save the Bees I ran into two websites that I thought were really helpful and amazing!

The first website I came across is called Project Honey Bee. This website is mainly focused on just the honey bee species. They list a lot of alarming facts that make you really think about where this world might end up without the bees. Let me share some of these facts with you. (All these came from the website linked above).

  • Beekeepers all over the world lose up to 90% of their bee colonies per year!
  • Millions of honey bee hives are disappearing every year!
  • Bees pollinate 1/3 farm crops

“If Honey Bees die out, Humans will follow a few years later”

-Albert Einstein

Found on Project Honey Bees website

This website also offers you the opportunity to adopt a bee by buying one, or more if you choose, of their cute bee merchandise. you have four options; A necklace, earrings, bracelet or a cute little bee enamel pin. All proceeds go to UC Davis Honey and Pollination Center to help fund research.

I bought the cute little bee necklace!

After I finalized my purchase I got an Email with a certificate saying I adopted a bee and then I got this email introducing me to the bee I adopted!

Everyone meet my Queen Bee Aviva! She is the bee that has a colored dot on her. Did you know that is how they keep track of their queens? According to my source here beekeepers follow a common mnemonic each year to remember which color they should use for their newly introduced queen. “Will you raise goods bees”, White/gray, yellow, red, green, and blue.

The second website I came across was The Bee Conservatory. This website is the one most people are using to donate in order to save the bees. This website really highlights what our world would be like if we lost bees by also listing some pretty interesting facts. The biggest thing that stood out to me were the lists of things that are killing the bees. (All information is pulled from the above website).

  • Habitat Loss
  • Climate Change
  • Chemical Pesticides
  • Invasive Plant Species
  • Diseases and Parasites

You might be curious what you can do to protect the over 20,000 bee species. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable giving your money to some company in fear they won’t do as they promise. Try some of these ideas instead! (All information came from The Bee Conservatory website)

  • Plant a Bee Garden
  • Go Chemical Free
  • Provide Trees
  • Create a Bee Bath

Book Stack For A Cause: Save The Bees

Instagram has been so inspiring lately posting all of these book stacks for a cause including things like a rainbow stack, mental health stack and now a bee stack! I figured it is time for me to hop on this train and finally do one!

Bees are a very important part to human survival and they are in critical need of our help!

I would like to challenge everyone who reads this to either post about bees to share the issue, donate in one way or another (links above) or try to plant more flowers in your garden to promote bee survival.

Anything helps and I promise a small act makes a big impact!

Let’s Make A Difference!

Whether you are sharing awareness to save the bees or any other cause that is important to you, you are making a difference! I hope you all will take a moment to reflect on things that are important to you and share those thoughts with someone today. Don’t be afraid to make a change.

How can you not help a face as fluffy as that cute little bees?

QOTD: What other Stacks For a Cause should I do?

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