Flashback Friday: A Birthday Post

Guess What! That is right, It’s my birthday! Typically on Thursdays I do a throwback Thursday post but with today being my birthday it felt right to skip TBT and do a Flashback Friday to show you how I got to where I am today.

Here’s to 22 Years of Life!

I Don’t really think you want or really need a play by play of my life so I am just going to share some of my favorite memories and pictures and some big life events maybe even some interesting facts. Fair warning, this will most likely have absolutely no structure to it! Just sit back and enjoy!

Fun fact Number One

For the first two or so years everyone thought I was a boy because my hair was very slow to grow. I mean after seeing this picture I guess I don’t really blame them.

Fun Fact Number Two

Memorial day is my absolute most favorite holiday! Every year we wake up at the crack of dawn, rain or shine, to put flags on the headstones of fallen veterans. It is the most surreal feeling out there.

I am the oldest child of two, my brother and I are extremely close. I honestly don’t remember really getting into big fights other than what TV show we should watch or how loud the volume should be. I have recently found out that this isn’t a typical thing with siblings, so I am very grateful that I have such an amazing brother who can also be my best friend!

Family has and will always be very important to me! The left and right photos are pictures with all the cousins on my moms side of the family. As you can see my brother is the only boy but yet he is a trooper! The middle picture is a photo of my family during my brothers first prom. We can be a pretty silly group of people.

Fun Fact Number Three

I am holding a lambs brain in this photo. Yes, This is pretty sad but it was donated for science.

In high school I was part of our schools medical club called HOSA and I even became an officer for my senior year! I won two competitions during state events that sent me to Nashville and Disney World to compete in national competitions!

I grew up as a tomboy, playing all kinds of sports throughout my life. My least favorite sport I think would have been basketball or flag football, I guess I just wasn’t very good at them. My favorite sports were volleyball and bowling, I will get to bowling in a minute. I was on the freshman volleyball team which was a really fun experience for me! I was really good but ended up finding a stronger love for bowling and left volleyball.

I went from the first photo, using bumpers and hardly scoring any points to being one of the best bowlers on my high school team and getting second place in state. Now most people don’t actually believe bowling is a sport, in fact my high school cut our team completely after my first year forcing me to bowl for other schools my last two years. Let me tell you, Bowling is a tough sport! After high school I tried out for my college team which was all men and I made the team as their first and only girl!

Fun Fact Number Four

Me and my brother are so close we even broke our wrists at the same time! He fell out of a tree and I played keeper in soccer and it snapped back when I blocked the ball. His cast was green with blue sparkles and mine was blue with green sparkles. See, so cute!

My Favorite Picture

This is me and my grandpa riding his horse. I lost my grandpa when I was twelve years old and every year I look back to this photo because it has so much meaning to me!

He was the best grandpa a kid could ever ask for! We went on so many fun and amazing adventures so I have a life time of memories to cherish!

Now that my grandpa has passed my brother, mom and I go to his headstone every year on his birthday and make a big balloon arch with the same amount of balloons as the same age he would have been that year. This is one of my favorite traditions we have to keep him in our hearts.

Fun Fact Number Five

I have only dyed my hair an unnatural color once and it was this gorgeous blue hair! I absolutely loved this color on me! Maybe one day I will get the nerves to dye it another fun color!

Me and Noah met in November of 2018 and started dating shortly after. He has been my rock and major support system ever since then! We now live together along with my kitty ollie. We have the greatest adventures and you can always find us laughing!

Ollie is my six year old cat. His personality is very spunky and honestly, like most cats, he will decide when he does or does not want love. He is not afraid to swat at you if he has had enough love. However, when he does want love he is so sweet and very cuddly! Also, doesn’t he look so good in bowties?

These past twenty two years of my life have been so amazing and I honestly have so many amazing people to thank! I am beyond excited to continue sharing all my bookish thoughts with you all and I am so happy you are here for my content. This blog is my biggest accomplishment as of lately and I am so proud of myself for getting it started.

Here’s to a lifetime more of memories!