Part Two: Top 10 Christmas Gifts For a Bookworm

My first top ten Christmas Wishlist was such a big hit that I decided to post a second one! This way you now have 20 Ideas and you definitely can not go wrong! Once again Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost upon us so it is time to start shopping. I am giving you plenty of ideas and so their should be no excuses now.

I would like you to know that I don’t own the rights to most of these pictures. I also am not affiliated with any of the links unless I post a code under the photo.

Gift Idea #1

Book Lamp

This is so cute! Why have a bulky lamp when you can have a book that opens up to be a light? This is such a cool idea and I am in love!

This is just a cute little lamp that could come in handy for every day situations. A practical gift is always a good route to go.

Gift Idea #2


Bookmarks might seem like the most obvious thing you can buy a bookworm, honestly you would be correct because everyone needs more bookmarks in their lives!

The best part is that these are the best stocking stuffers around! There are also an unlimited choice of designs which can make shopping so easy! Look at all these fun Etsy shops.

Use code Baibooks10 for 10% off!

Resin bookmarks are so cute!

I love the Idea of my name being put on a leather bookmark!

Gift Idea #3

Reading Journal

People who like to read tend to like a way to keep track of all the books they have read or would like to read. Yes we all probably have GoodReads but having something physical we can write in is always the best option.

I know some people are super creative and artistic so they make their own bullet journal pages to keep track of things but some of us just aren’t that talented and we need a guideline. That is where reading journals really step up to the plate.

Same book as the picture above.

Gift Idea #4

Annotating Supplies

You might be wondering why someone would want annotating supplies. This isn’t college, you don’t have a big text book you need to remember. Well most of us readers like to mark things that seem important or things that pull at our emotions.

Marking my books have really helped me keep my thoughts cohesive so I can write better reviews and reference the book directly.

Gift Idea #5

Mugs or Wine Glasses

Every reader has a drink that they love to accompany with reading. Whether it is coffee, soda, or a glass of wine, we are always in need of a clean glass to put them in. You can never have enough glasses! Why not have a cute one that is perfect for reading time?

Gift Idea #6

Book Jewelry

Look at how cute these earrings are! I feel like book jewelry is such a cute and sentimental gift! You can find their favorite book or just get a generic looking piece of jewelry and no matter what they are going to love it!

Gift Idea #7

Book Sleeves

I love my book sleeves! This is such a great way to bring your books along for a drive or even a trip so you can protect your book from any scuffs or bent pages!

There is a design for every reader and so many cute ones at that!

Gift Idea #8

Gift Cards

If you are struggling to pick out a gift that is totally ok! Gift cards are a great option to fall back on. You can put as little or as much as you want on these and the person will love it just the same.

So many options for this as well. Kindle, Amazon, Target, Barnes and Noble, Etsy….The list goes on and on!

Gift Idea #9


I know bookshelves can get expensive so I totally understand that this wouldn’t be at the top of your shopping list. However, you can always find some fairly cheap shelves or even small ones that can be placed on a dresser.

this is a necessity for book lovers because we never have enough space for all our books.

Gift Idea #10

Book Subscription Box

There are so many book boxes out there in the world that it can be hard to choose from but I have a few favorites I can share with you.

These are great gifts because you can choose from sending a single box or getting a few months for them. They will love this gift and will probably continue the box after their subscription ends. It is the gift that just keeps on giving!

Use code BaiBooks20 for 20% off your whole order

Use the link above to give a gift or use this link to start your own account.

I don’t have a subscription to this box but I have been dying to start one!


Between this post and my previous one, you now have 20 Ideas for the perfect Christmas gift for your friend or loved one. These gifts are not only high on my Christmas list but many of the other bookworms out there. I hope you all have a happy holiday this year!