Book Review: “Hidden Pictures” By Jason Rekulak

This book has been read by everyone under the sun, Ok maybe not really, but it does feel like it. I have seen it everywhere with raving reviews so I was extremely excited to finally get my own copy and devour this book and what better time than the beginning of spooky season?! “hardest thingsContinue reading “Book Review: “Hidden Pictures” By Jason Rekulak”

October Hopefuls

October is spooky season and I have so many books that I really want to get to before this month is over. I plan on doing 12 hour read-a-thons over the weekends to help me knock out a few more books than I usually do each month. Hopefully I can tackle this big list ofContinue reading “October Hopefuls”

Book Review: “Spin The Dawn” By Elizabeth Lim

I read this book with my small book club of friends and I wasn’t entirely sure of what I was getting myself into other than the fact that this is a Mulan retelling. I am not a huge Mulan fan but this was a pretty cute take on that story. “You’re used to being underestimated,Continue reading “Book Review: “Spin The Dawn” By Elizabeth Lim”

Book Review: “Hotel Magnifique” By Emily J. Taylor

I saw this books cover and I was mesmerized. I had no clue what this book was about when I picked it up other than a magical hotel. There is no need to know anything more about the book other than that, you will be hooked within the first few chapters! About The Book Author:Continue reading “Book Review: “Hotel Magnifique” By Emily J. Taylor”

Book Review: “Heart Bones” By Colleen Hoover

This month I meant to focus my reading around thrillers so I can start getting into the spooky season vibe. However, I have read two Collen Hoover books instead. Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants and you can’t tell it no, what can I say? “I wonder what kind of upbringing is worseContinue reading “Book Review: “Heart Bones” By Colleen Hoover”