National Book Lovers Day

Happy National book lovers day! It only feels right to make this blog post because I am a book blogger after all. I am still fairly new to this community and I want to share even more of myself with you all. In this blog post you will learn some highs and lows that I have experienced in this life changing journey.

This same time last year I would have never thought I’d post about this national holiday! It’s crazy how how much can change in a single year! This whole experience just feels like one big dream come true. Little Bailie never had this experience planned out or even would have dreamed this opportunity up.

Let’s do some reflecting!

I have bought over 100 books in a year

I have read only about 36 of those books

My TBR has expanded exponentially

I have made so many wonderful bookish friends

My Favorite book So Far

“One Last Stop” by Casey McQuiston

This was a no brainer for me. I loved every aspect of this book and no matter how hard I tried to pick it apart to find something wrong with it I just kept coming up with “Well, it is just too perfect.”

Read my review on this book here

My Least Favorite Book So Far

“Anxious People” by Fredrik Backman

I don’t think I could ever hate a book more than I hated this book…. Yikes… I feel so rude saying that out loud but it is my truth.

This was very over hyped and fell short on many levels. I recommend reading my review just to see my full opinions on the book. By all means still give this a try but it was an acquired read.

A link to my review is down below.

Tried New Genres

I have recently started to broaden my horizons and try reading new genres of books. The biggest stretch for me is fantasy. I have only read two fantasy books since I started this journey and I have surprisingly really enjoyed them! I just don’t think I would still pick them up on my own terms though.

Other fantasies on my TBR would be Harry Potter, The House in the Cerulean Sea and A court of thorns and roses.

Amazing Opportunities

Ever since I started my bookstagram I have really expanded my social life!

I started my book blog and then I also got three separate rep positions for small businesses. This has been an amazing journey and I love being able to share it all with my friends and family.


The facebook link will take you to my Group called “Books are my Therapy” I will be hosting buddy reads there.

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  1. I didn’t even know we had a day?? That’s so cool


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