Book Mail

Last week I received three boxes of book mail! What an exciting week! My favorite day of the week is what ever day I have a package at my door. Whether I know what I ordered or if I have honestly forgotten what I got for my house, it will always be a good day when I see that mailman.

My three boxes came from only two different sources. One came from One Night Stand With a Book and the other two were from Book of the Month Club. I know I am a bit obsessed with Book of the Month, I can never pick just three books so I have two subscriptions to it, yikes!

One Night Stand With a Book

This is not a subscription based book site. They have many options to choose from and each option comes with a drink mix and some snacks! The option I chose from for this order was their primum book box that changes theme each month and comes with a book, snack, drink mix, and many other fun goodies!

Lets explore!

This boxes theme was “Summer”!

Inside we have so many goodies!

  • “Been There, Married That” by Gigi Levangie
  • Flamingo rubber duckie
  • Two bookmarks
  • Tumbler
  • Sunglasses
  • Lei
  • Scrunchie
  • Beach ball
  • drink cozy
  • Snacks
  • drink mix

All of this was only $34.99 and it was all a surprise! What a fantastic company! I promise you will not be disappointed! July’s theme is true crime and it looks as if they still have a few boxes left, go check the web site out ASAP!

Book of the Month Club

For the people who haven’t heard of this subscription service let me walk you through it real quick! Each month for $15.99 you get one credit that is good for your first book any book after that is $9.99, up to two extra books, so a total of 3 books for $36.00! That is honestly a steal if you think about it! Every book is a hardback which normally runs for about $26.00 a piece! Sorry, I am just so excited about this subscription! Each month they will pick five main picks for you to use your first credit on and then with your two extra books you can pick any book from previous months. A lot of these books are new or early release, this is a fantastic opportunity!

Ok, that is plenty of information , let’s move on to the good stuff!

My four picks were…..

“Last Summer at the Golden Hotel” by Elyssa Friedland

“We are the Brennans” by Tracy Lange

“Razorblade Tears” by S.A Cosby

“56 Days” by Catherine Ryan Howard

Three of these books were main picks this month which is insane! Normally I like one or two main picks and then I choose from previous books. This month they had so many good choices and if money would have allowed I would have gotten all six books.

Look at all these cute bookmarks!

Each box will come with a funny, or should I say puny, bookmark. I have a decent sized collection going but these are a few of my favorites.

If you sign up using the button below you can get your first book for only $9.99!

I am so excited to read these books! I would dare say that this is the best haul I have ever gotten since I started this journey. If you haven’t looked into these book boxes please give them a try! I promise they are worth it!


  1. Samantha says:

    I’ve never heard of One Night Stand With a Book. Might have to check it out now!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. worldofbai says:

      Yes, Please do check it out! It is such a fun book website! I believe here soon I will be getting a discount code you can use.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lenora Ross says:

    Awesome post. I love the little package.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. worldofbai says:

      Thank You! It is an amazing book box for sure!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Samantha says:

    These boxes sound like so much fun! I currently have 2 books I’m reading and about 5 I haven’t gotten to yet. I might try out One Night Stand With A Book. I love the name of it too. Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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