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Hello there and welcome to the World of Bai blog! My name is Bailie, my nickname growing up was always Bai (pronounced Bay) hence the name. I am a 21 (almost 22) year old who is recently obsessed with reading and photography and I figured why not start a blog to track my progress through this journey. 

My story starts when I was young, I used to HATE reading when I was younger. It  just never made sense to me why people would choose to sit down and read words off of something that felt endless, instead of playing sports, videogames or really anything else in the world. I remember being forced to read books in junior high and high school such as; Romeo and Juliet, To Kill a Mockingbird and Jane Eyre. I truly believe this led me down a deeper hole of hatred. I just feel when you are forced to do something it can ruin your perspective on those things. 

Jump to July 2020, mid pandemic, I had just moved into a new home with my boyfriend who worked long nights. Being cooped up in a new home all alone was really starting to get to me and so I was searching for new hobbies to keep me occupied. While scrolling through Facebook I stumbled across an ad for Book of the Month Club (Not Sponsored) and it peaked my interest! Paying a monthly fee of $15.99 for a book credit and $9.99 for each add on sounded like a steal and let me tell you, it was! I dedicate getting back into reading to BOTM. Cheap, affordable, good quality books that helped me step out of my comfort zone and start an obsession. Now I have an endless TBR pile that will continue to grow and a bookstagram that keeps me on track! 

Now enough about books! I also stated I love photography! I have had a passion for photography for quite awhile but in fear of rejection I haven’t really done much with it. But here I am trying to push myself to better my skills and follow my dreams so I would love to share my photos with you and maybe along the way I will succeed in my dream of becoming a photographer.

 I never thought I would be where I am today in a million years but thanks to all my wonderful followers and our shared passion for books I have found my place in this strange world. I have found confidence in what I love to do and I am hoping to reach some like minded people. Welcome to my world, I am beyond happy you are here.

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  1. Hello welcome to the bloggers Community! Hope you have a lovely time here 💜✨


    1. worldofbai says:

      Thank you so much for the warm welcome!


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