Book Review: “Truly Devious” By Maureen Johnson

This month I started a small Book Club with some of my closest friends on Bookstagram. Our first book was “Truly Devious”. I finished this book in two days! Our book club is supposed to only read one book throughout the course of the whole month but I couldn’t put this book down or slow down my reading at all to make it last the whole month.

“You have to take things as they are, not how you hear they’re supposed to be.”

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About The Book

Author: Maureen Johnson

Publisher: HarperCollins

Published Date: January 16th, 2018

Page Count: 416 pages

Main Genres: Mystery, Young Adult, Contemporary

Average GoodReads Rating: 4.00

“Where her books were, she was. Get the books right and the rest will follow. Now she could address the rest of the room.”

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Stevie is a teenager obsessed with the Ellingham murders that took place in the 1930’s. She somehow got the chance to attend Ellingham Academy for her Junior year of high school and now she hopes she can crack the unsolved murder case. What she wasn’t expecting was for one of her own classmates to be murdered right under her nose. Will Stevie be able to solve the mysterious murders or will she herself be taken as a victim?

“Anything is better than doing what I’m supposed to be doing.”

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


I honestly can’t remember why I wanted to start reading this book or where I even heard about this series. What I do know is that I bought the three books in a box set and immediately fell in love with the covers.

This was such a good YA mystery! I haven’t read a lot of YA and I think I am slowly finding my YA grove. I really loved all of the characters, especially Stevie. Stevie reminds me a lot of myself, I too love true crime but I think she is a lot more brave than I am. I thought the friendships made in this book could have been a bit more defined but I think those will grow in the next few books.

I am happy I get to read this with my Book Club and I am so excited to talk to them about this book in more details. I found this book had a lot of twists and turns that I didn’t see coming and I think this will make for a really interesting discussion. I will be honest there were parts that frustrated me or even just didn’t fully make sense, but like I said, I think it will all come together in the rest of the series.

“There is something about early mornings that changes your perceptions subtly. The light is new; no one has put on the defences of the day. All is reset and not quite real yet.”

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QOTD: Have you read this series? What were your thoughts? If not what is your favorite YA mystery?


  1. Great review! I do enjoy a good YA mystery and this one has been on my TBR for ages so I have no idea why I haven’t picked it up yet. So glad to hear you enjoyed it!


  2. I loved this book; I don’t usually love mysteries, but this trilogy is honestly one of my favorite series. Don’t worry; it really does all come together later on in the series. Hope you enjoy discussing it with your book club!!!


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